Where does my order come from?
    • Your order is shipped from one of our fulfillment centers, we have fulfillment centers in Spain, China, and Italy. On the rare occasion we may have inventory in the United States.

    Why haven't my messages be answered?

    • We have many messages to answer, we operate Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm MST we respond to all emails in a timely manner and in the order they are received please be patient.

    I placed my order after 5pm, on the weekend, or during a holiday weekend when will it be shipped?

    • All orders are processed and sent to get prepared for shipment the following day. If order was placed on the weekend or during a holiday weekend then order will be processed and sent to get prepared for shipment the following business day. Once again Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm MST 
    Are they real Items?
    Why does my order take so long to be delivered?
    • As previously stated above, we have fulfillment centers in different areas. Best case scenario, orders are delivered in 9-14 business days. Unfortunately they can also take 14-21 business days to arrive. We were told this directly from the post office and all we can do is relay it back to you our customer. Believe us when we say we wish we can have 3-day delivery.
    Why hasn't my tracking information been updated?
    • Tracking information is typically updated by the post office on a weekly basis. We have now began to upload tracking numbers once there is tracking information to prevent any confusion or misconception.
    My order says delivered but I haven't received it, where is my order?
    • In this scenario you the customer must email us to let us know of the situation. We then contact the post office for your zip code and open a case for your particular tracking number and address. If the post office confirms the order was delivered at the address provided to us there is nothing we can do. If the post office confirms the package is lost or has been delivered to another address by mistake, then retrieval of your package will be attempted. If your package can not be retrieved then you can request a refund or to have another item mailed to you.
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